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Until now, custom clothing was not an affordable luxury. Why not present a gift certificate and let employees choose custom designed and tailored suits?

Unfortunately, most men would rather spend their hard-earned money on anything but a suit for work. As a result, suits become tired and out of style. And, not only that, men often buy a new suit with price in mind rather than the company’s image.


The Custom Suits Difference


The difference a custom made suits makes is amazing. A tailored suits from Max Custom Tailor gives the right signals, helps employees project an air of confidence and improves job performance.

A beautiful suit from the tailors at Max Custom Tailor gives an employee a more professional attitude toward business and presents a sophisticated image with attention to detail that your clients will notice.

An employee in a suits from Max Custom Tailor is more self- assured than one who is not sure he looks right.

From the corporate client feedback we’ve had, we’ve learned that employees dressed in custom made suits display an overall improvement in workplace performance, often showing a newfound pride, not just in their appearance, but also in their work.

A suits from Max Custom Tailor is undoubtedly a fantastic incentive for any employee. You can be certain that anyone would appreciate receiving such a thoughtful gift!


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Gift Certificate

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