About Us



For over 30 years Max Custom Tailor has engaged in the business of true bespoke tailoring also known as custom tailoring of luxury clothing for an international society. This business of men's tailoring was started in 1982 by H.S. Pasricha and is now passionately run by his son and daughter-in-law, Max Pasricha and Shelly Pasricha. The family is unique in their experience of training & working at Savile Row and visiting various top suit tailoring units in the world.

Following the classic production methods of hand tailoring and canvas construction, the Pasricha family nurtures the age old suit manufacturing technique which is viable for none other than the top end suit makers of the world like Kiton, Brioni and Zegna and of course the tailors at Savile Row. Max is still able to offer great value, taking advantage of lower labour costs in Thailand, while keeping quality at the highest level. Some of our senior tailors have been working with us for over 20 years.

A Max Custom Tailor garment is created with a keen eye on fashion, always keeping the design fashionable yet pooling into the experience of our rich heritage. The Max Custom Tailor ensemble will always have the mark of understated elegance, suited to those for whom style needs to be effortless and natural.